Home Thrown 

I forgot what it was like to come home. At first everything seems so different. New buildings, and new smiles. I don’t recall half of the art work in the streets. Even the menu in the café wasn’t the same. Showing my husband my home town for the first time has always been an experience I drew in my head. Months of planing and researching. Welcome to Puerto Rico! 

Everything seems shiny under the sun. However, then comes the clouds and nothing shines anymore. As the days went by I noticed how people’s attitudes began to change. “We missed you so much, it’s so nice to have you here”. It only took a couple of days before their body language said otherwise. It makes me wonder. What is it about people that the instant we have what we’ve desired we suddenly loose interest over it?

It takes a day for someone to loose their charm. At times it only takes a couple of hours. It doesn’t matter how much time in advance I announce my arrival and plan my stay. People always want their way, at their time, and whenever they say. If I wanted someone to plan my vacation perhaps they would have payed for my plane ticket. People become so demanding of your time. As if you owed them something. 

My island is breathtaking. The beaches, the rainforest, the rivers, the mountains, the food. Everything will forever have a place in my heart. The citizens are the reason I never want to come back. Their driving skills seem like a bunch of toddlers driving go-karts. I had never wanted to punch someone so much as I did when I drove in the streets. 

Servers are rude. They don’t even try to earn their tip. They act as if they’re doing you the biggest favor ever. They have the grumpiest look. And the smartest mouth. I felt sorry for the experiences my husband had to go through. Nothing was the same. I only came to see the family. To show him around and experience what I had gone through growing up. I never thought visiting your past would slap you so hard in the face.

I leave tomorrow and I’ve never been so eager to leave somewhere. I can’t wait for the silence in the mornings. The peaceful steady timelines. The moments of serenity with my husband. The work routine without the planning of the day. I never thought I would miss my daily life. It was lovely to get away. At the same time it is a love and hate feeling. The time has come for us to keep moving. There’s nothing else for me here. I’m done coming home to be behinds people’s ass. For us to try and meet up. If someone truly missed you and wanted to see you they would come to see you without the hassle. 


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