Still missing my two older brothers

Fear of emotions

Lately things have changed. Sometimes change grabs you by the hand without a warning. It takes you away to certain places you never expect to be. It is quite a difference moving from one place to another. It is especially different when the weather is involved. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Were there’s summer all year long. Of course it rains from time to time but the sun always comes out to shine. The breeze blows warmly in your face and your hair gets tangled with the sunlight’s rays. The sand feels like sugar scrubbing your feet and the palm trees give you the comfort you need to sit back and read a book. I never thought I would leave the island. I mean, who would want to? There are times were you have to decide and choose what is best for you. So the time came for me to step forward and make a decision that would change my life either for better or for worse. Never have I ever lived outside of the island away from my family.
Life only happens once, so they say. I couldn’t hesitate and I bought a one-way ticket to Massachusetts, Cape Cod. I got a job offer I just couldn’t let pass by me. It was now or never and I chose now. I wouldn’t want to regret acknowledging the fact I didn’t take the chance. It’s just not in my vocabulary to wonder “What if?” I packed my bags and headed without return. I knew it would be hard, I knew I would most definitely miss my loved ones. I knew!
As soon as I went through baggage inspection my eyes began to burst in tears. Big fat water drops were falling from my eyes. I just couldn’t help it. Once I departed my new journey had begun. A new destination awaited my soul. I was ready to be stoked. I was ready to feel my most inner shell. I recall flying high above the clouds and having the privilege to see a shooting star drifting away into the darkness of the night. I knew it was a sign I had made the right decision. Even if it was a hard step to take, I knew I had done what I was supposed to do. The sun raised and my eyes captured the exact moment he decided to shine. Letting me know he was there above the clouds. The sun was ready to keep on shining another day. It was then when I knew I would shine every day like the sun. Fear is a barrier we need to cross. It limits our capacity to grow and out grow certain people or certain situations. It even interferes with our emotions.
This was not the time to grant fear the first place in this race.


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