Original or Fake

People loose originality when they try to be original. It’s somewhat like acting. To be able to project an emotion and make others feel what you portray is called acting. The minute you pretend to be acting you are just imitating or recreating an emotion. Everybody has become too into himself or herself. It’s ok to love and respect your own voice, but sometimes people go over board. There are all kinds of people. There are all kinds of perspectives. It all depends on how you make it your own. Everywhere you go out to, you can appreciate diversity. It’s the most beautiful term ever. Without it, society would be boring. We shouldn’t get bored. If you can’t entertain yourself, how do you want to entertain other people?
Classifying someone based on how they eat, dress, talk, or even speak isn’t polite. It is a mean thing to do to someone’s individuality. You rarely know with certainty if that person is really whom he or she says. It doesn’t take much to figure out if you’re interested in something or someone. Time only confirms the hypothesis.
I’ve met all kinds and all sorts of people. I’ve learned so much about each and every one. Not necessarily helpful ideals or concepts. Just nice exchange of wisdom is good enough. Intelligence isn’t bought. You may have studied in the most expensive schools but you are still a copy of many others. I find it funny how people change throughout time. I understand we all seek for our individualism. But I’ve seen how people adapt to what is “in” just to fit in.
You loose yourself in others. You become what everyone approves. It sinks deep inside transforming you into everyone else.


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