Silly Scars

It’s a tattoo you don’t choose to have. Scars are more than a story. It’s the struggle you went through. It’s the strength that got you through it. It’s evidence, proof that you survived. No matter how confident you may be, there is always some question we’d rather not be asked. Although it may be a typical concern, I believe there are some things that should be left unsaid. People don’t realize they are being imprudent. They have a comment for everything, everyone, and every situation. I call them the “black clouds”.
There are some things people should never say. I have a few questions I’ve gathered here and there from different situations. Picture a friend of yours who walked in the room. You notice their hair color is different. It is obvious he or she colored it. So why do you even ask: “Did you get your haired died?” It is obvious that the person did. Another frequent scenario would be; you see a short person and tell them: “Wow, you are so short”. I can’t even imagine how smart your words were. Would you ever go up to an obese person and say: “Wow, you are so fat” Of course no! Why these silly questions with obvious answers? Keep them to yourself is the best way to go about these concerns you may urge to ask.
I have a very marked scar right in the middle of my stomach. It’s a vertical line as if I had really marked abdominals. Since I can recall this scar of mine has been an issue. I don’t really mind it anymore. I’ve grown to embrace it. I have only had it for twenty-four short years. And I’m still learning from it. This was a tattoo I didn’t choose to get. But life had other plans. As time went by I began to hear certain comments about the appearance of my belly. There was one time this guy told me: “ You’re so pretty but that scar though” I mean, was that even necessary? I never got over his words; I guess I still remember them as if they were just spoken.
People will always stare, and people will always ask what they’re better off not knowing. Sometimes I lie and tell them a funny story. I say that I got in a fight. I may say I had a car accident, or I even might say it was surfing. There endless possibilities for endless stupid questions. The truth is I’ve had it since birth. There’s nothing much to it.
The End.


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