Who knows?

What the heck happens when someone dies? Were do we go? We believe out of faith we rest in peace. But do we? So it’s told when you die you go through a tunnel of memories and you may or may not see a light at the end. It depends on how you did in this test called life. They say souls wonder around and protect us. But is that it? We live and die to protect future generations? So many questions answered by faith and only hypothesis. No one knows what happens in the after life. No one knows if there actually is an after life. We are programmed to think and behave morally for super natural reasons. There has to be something else.
Way back in time we used to live for ten decades or maybe more. Now days we live up to our sixties tops. We eat healthy, rest well, and behave to be able to live a long fructiferous life. Wasting every second of breath staring at what hasn’t come yet. Life is short. It is brutal and shares no warning. Memories rule our past. And uncertainties rule our future. All we know for a fact is the present moment. The rest is just imagination at it’s best. We begin to make a recollection of memories around the age of four. We choose to keep or delete what to remember. Sometimes we can’t choose to keep or delete anything. The mind is it’s own ruler. You can’t cheat on your mind.
I refuse to accept we become floating spectrums. I refuse to believe we become a plant. I choose to believe we transcend. We are no longer a living being. You die and that’s it. Take for example a plant. What happens when it dies? Nothing, it died. It won’t evolve into a human. It simply dies. For sense of comfort and affirmation we decided to believe certain ways in order to have mental peace. The world would be even more chaos than it is already. We used to be pretty simple back in time. Hunt, eat, sleep, and repeat. But things changed.
Now we study, have a family and die basically it.


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