Parents are angels that were sent to take care of us. They guide us and protect us. No matter the situation, they are always there. No matter the time, they are always present. It doesn’t take much to have a child. But it takes a lot to be a parent. It is your job to make sure this new being grows strong and independent. Always letting them now the best possible way. There are times were parents aren’t two, but one. Being a single mother, being a single father. No matter who takes care of you, you’ve been watched over by an angel.
We are so busy growing up; we forget they are growing old. It’s hard for them to see us transform from babies to adults. I look at my mother and all I see is a warrior, a person who I admire, and a woman who on her own raised and supported four children. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. Life has its ups and downs, but who doesn’t? We all fight; we all call each other names at times, as well as fighting from once in a while. “That’s normal”. Or at least I was raised as if it were. There isn’t such thing as perfect. No family is perfect. We all go through different matters at different times. Life isn’t pink. There’s also red, blue, and green.
It is our parents’ duty to take care of us for we can’t take care of ourselves. When the time comes, we do the same for them in return. I wish my parents were eternal, or at least that there were a synchronized timer that took us all away at the same time. I can’t imagine my life without both of my parents gone. It’s been hard enough saying good bye to my father. All I have left is my mother. She is a priceless woman. I want her to be comfortable. I want nothing but happiness for her. Her happiness makes me happy. Her sorrows bring me sorrow.
Love is a selfish feeling. We don’t actually love someone. We need them. And that is not love. It’s dependence. That is why we can only love our family. It is an unconditional love. It’s a love so pure, so genuine it only seeks for our best interest. Rather than a lover who only wants you for his or her selves own satisfaction. When someone passes away we don’t cry because of him or her. We are actually crying because we won’t have them any longer. Coping and acceptance are very hard to reach when you love without a condition.


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