I love mornings, I always have. Lately I’ve grown to dislike them every other Thursday. I know there is a diversity of sounds as the sun rises up. There are cars starting up, kids being loud, school bells turning on and dogs barking around. I don’t mind any of those noises at all. I find them quite soothing and normal. The one sound I can’t bare to stand is the leaf blower! I dislike everything about that sound. There’s nothing worst than being asleep, and waking up to it. Every other Thursday I cry a little in my dreams.
I would understand the necessity to use such a utility to clean the back yard of those who live in my community. It is just unnecessary! Our recreational space is so minimum and compact that I don’t understand why the lovely gardener uses it. He is so lazy he uses the leaf blower to move around a silly paper bag instead of picking it up and toss it down. Isn’t there a law that states you can’t disturb the peace until 8am? Well, the leaf blower guy begins his duties at 6:30am. Making it unbearable for me to deal with.
I once asked him: “Excuse me sir, why so early?” He replied: “As the day goes by the sunrays become more intense. It’s easier early before the sun is fully on it’s way”. I said: “Yes, of course, I understand.” “If that is the issue; do it late in the afternoon were there is still daylight and no sun”. He gave me a pungent look and I understood I was being imprudent. So I went back inside and made myself some nice coffee to fix my day. IMG_3109


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